Wednesday, December 22, 2010


1. I am blogging from work. And I've been drinking. (It's okay, it was a holiday party!) My power cord to my laptop at home is dead, so you might not hear from me until Monday or Tuesday when my new one arrives.

2. I feel very guilty because I MISSED my window to mail out my giveaway! I meant to get it ot the lovely imfortyish before Christmas...but here it is the 22nd and it's STILL not been posted! Ugh! I apologize. (When I told my boss this, he responded with, "You know there's a post office in our building, right? Just downstairs?" I did NOT! Ugh!) I promise I will get it out soon. :(

3. I will have SUCH a backlog of Real*Love entries once I get my computer back!!! I already have about 10 links of adorable things I'm lusting over!

Other than this, I hope everyone has themselves a very merry Christmas (or whatever you celebrate!) and gets everything they want!! I will update soon with my haul :)

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