Thursday, December 23, 2010

Don't stay silent.

(actual personalized post card I'm sending to my stylist, Sarah.)

I am learning as of late that I no longer believe in keeping things to myself. Life's too short to hold your tongue.
That being said, I'm not going to go up to someone and tell them to go jump off a bridge or anything of that nature. It's mostly good things I'm spreading.

By post.

The act of sending and receiving an actual physical letter, card or postcard has a psychological benefit that opening an email doesn't. I mean, just think of how many emails you get a day! I probably get at least 50. And in this technological world, a lot of times I'll open an email and not even remember to respond. Isn't that sad? But think of how sad you are to go to your physical mailbox everyday and to find it empty. Or even worse, to find it full of bills, and only bills. (Yep, that's what my mailbox looks like, too!)

I've been stocking up on postcards (I found 10 for a dollar at Job Lot!) and sending them out just because. My best friend helped me through a tough time over the telephone. She got a thank you post card. My stylist just gave me an amazing haircut. She's getting a postcard. And a number of months ago I even sent out a letter to a guy from my past, clearing up some...well, let's just say he was moving across the country and I decided things were better not left unsaid. (I didn't get a reply, so I'm assuming he thought things were better left unsaid. Which is okay too, but personally I feel better knowing I'm not living with secrets.)

I digress. My point is, getting postal mail feels good. It's this little jolt of ooh, someone was thinking of me! followed immediately by: wow, someone was thinking of me enough to actually put some effort in! This is a bit of my own pay-it-forward project. I'm sending out postcards when I see fit, and hopefully one day other people will send postcards too.

Let's give those lazy postal workers* something to do, people! :)

*I'm just kidding. I know a postal worker and he is far from lazy. But I do see the post becoming extinct one day. We already have UPS and FedEx for our packages, and most bills give you the option of "going paperless". So perhaps this should be our way of keeping it in business!

Do you send "just because" postal mail? If not, will you start?


Rhi said...

I've been thinking of starting again. I was in a situation where I had no internet/ phone for seven months last year, and if I wasn't in a house with twenty women, would have been quite lonely. I was grateful for my grandmother always sending me cards during that time and another random girl who knew me from livejournal. Otherwise, my letters mostly went unanswered, which was sad.
But I like your idea, and need to get on it- I have so much stationary!

Steve Finnell said...

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Eponine said...

Rhi: I'm glad you agree! I favor postcards myself as sometimes I just want to quite literally 'drop a line', and not an entire letter. I tend to over think and rewrite letters again and again!

Steve: No, thank you. That's not a blog, it's a thinly veiled sermon.