Sunday, December 19, 2010

Happy early Holidays!

One of my long-distance best friends came home for the holidays this weekend. It was so great (and also a surprise! I only knew about it a couple of days in advance!) to see her, even for a short time.

We watched Christmas movies (sort of...we really just talked through them. But what else would you expect from girls who never get to see each other?), had some dinner...I had some Riesling by the fire...(and did I mention I've become a total lightweight? Only two glasses and I was feeling it!)
And we played Cash Cab with her family. (It's terribly dumbed-down! We only got one answer wrong and that was due mainly to Katie's misplaced confidence, and the confusing of the words "China" and "Japan"...all the while myself and her brother were whispering, "Katie, wait, isn't it Japan?" But she was just SO confident that we went with her gut reaction!)

We followed the evening up with a trip to a nearby cul-de-sac that puts on a light show/Christmas village type thing. It's totally cute (and free!) and is becoming somewhat of a tradition for Katie and I. Next time I'll have to bring my actual camera, as my cell phone failed at getting any decent shots.

So, now I'm ready for Christmas! This little pre-Christmas weekend totally got me in the mood. Bring it on!!!


Imfortyish said...

so fun! Nothing better than girlfriend time, games and wine by the fireplace!

Eponine said...

Imfortyish: It was a real treat. None of my friends live anywhere near me (London, Boston, Florida!) so it's very rare but such a joy when I finally do get to see them. :)