Thursday, December 2, 2010


Household Edition!

1. To say that I hate to do dishes is an understatement. Old soggy food, gross dishwater and wrinkly hands--complete with a ruined manicure? No, thank you. BUT, I might reconsider if I had a pair of these super cute dish gloves. This site here has SO many different options that I could never pick just one pair! I may eventually get one...just in case. Rubber gloves always come in handy, right?
2. How much do you spend on your toothbrush? The last time I went to CVS, I was shocked at the prices. What happened to 99 cents? Luckily I have found an awesome solution. The Preserve toothbrush costs as little as $2.99--but here's the really great part. It's not only made from recycled yogurt cups (and comes with an envelope so that you can mail it back to the company for recycling!) but they also have a "toothbrush subscription program" so that you'll get a new toothbrush mailed to you when it's time to recycle your old one. (Dentists recommend replacing your toothbrush every 3 months, after a cold or flu, or when the bristles show signs of wear.) When's the last time you replaced your brush? I know it's been way too long in my case. I can't wait to get my Preserve Toothbrush in the mail!
3. This super cute countertop dishwasher would be a pretty good addition to any tiny apartment that can't fit a normal dishwasher for whatever reason. Apparently it can fit a good amount of dishes, too--perfect for someone living alone or a couple.4. This is by far my favorite invention. For the price of one washer and one dryer, you can buy this LG Washer/Dryer Combo. The best parts? It doesn't need an external vent--so it's great for small apartments. The really big bonus as far as I'm concerned is the fact that you put in your laundry and soap and just leave it. When you come back not only is your laundry washed, it's also DRIED. The only thing better would be if a machine folded my laundry and hung it up for me too! Seriously, I want one of these pretty bad. It beats lugging shit to the laundry room (with machines that never quite dry fully) or across the street to the laundromat (which can get pricey!)

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imfortyish said...

Love those dish-gloves - have a pair of my own with hearts all over them!