Monday, January 10, 2011

One more thing to worry about.

Some of you may remember the Barbie Camcorder scandal that occurred this Christmas. I'd paraphrase it, but I do NOT want my blog coming up on perverts search engines. So I'll just tell you that people were concerned the camera might take some not-so-nice photos. Of youngsters.

(Ha! Find THAT, pervs.)

Anyway, now Lady Gaga herself has teamed up with Polaroid to create new Gray Label products. One of these products? Glasses. With a camera in them.


I understand the Barbie doll was marketed to kids, and that's the problem.

But now we have a pair of sunglasses that can be used to take photos AND videos. While all the while, sending the images to a USB drive.


I hope beyond hope that they make these glasses very obvious. I haven't seen an image of them, but I would really like to KNOW if someone is wearing them.

And, OH, GOD, what about PAPARAZZI? Seriously, Gaga? Do you really want to give them ANOTHER tool to poke into your private life with?

I do NOT see these glasses as being as wonderful as she has hoped.

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