Saturday, January 8, 2011

Real*Love part duex

Japanese Sushi Plate Set
Two things I love, cherry blossoms and sushi, come together so perfectly in this cute little service-for-two sushi plate set. These cute robins egg blue plates have been on my Amazon wish list forever. One day they will be mine!
Antique french "rotund" birdcages
These ones are just a decorative copy--the real thing sells for somewhere around $4,000. No, thank you! But I am very much obsessed with these as of late. The characters in the novel I'm writing right now have a pet canary in a cage much like this. I almost want one myself. You know...for research. Not because the protagonist is a Mary Sue or anything...
Lucca Couture Ruffle Collar Jacket
Oh, skinny girls with small chests. How I envy you! I am still a size medium in most cases, but I am well aware just by looking at it, this beautiful jacket will NOT work with my hips and chest. So, go forth and buy this so that I may live vicariously through you. And send me photos, please. SO CUTE.
Fortune Teller Tree Incense Burner
Try as I might, I simply could NOT figure out what gives this tree 'fortune telling' properties. There was nothing that said, "The smoke blows to the left for yes..." or anything like that. The whole fortune telling concept here is lost on me. BUT, I do think this ancient tree man is a sort of creepy way. Not sure if I would buy him. I might turn his face to the wall when I went to sleep.

And I leave you with the thing I really love most right now. The email that totally made my day:
Yep. Yoko Ono is following me. (As you can see, she follows a LOT of people. But the fact that she actually had to physically click to add me? It might be silly, but I feel like a total rock star.)

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