Thursday, January 6, 2011


Pocket Canons: Books of the Bible
I'm not religious. At all. But Grove Press has a great idea with these pocket sized books of the can literally take each book with you. And the covers are very much my style and sure to appeal to younger audiences, and people who are a little self conscious about maybe lugging a big Bible around on the bus or something. If I did read the Bible, I would definitely pick these up.
Steve Madden slippers
I think the applique flowers on these are just darling. They remind me of one of my favorite movies as a kid (which is still a guilty pleasure to this day!) Annie. In the film, Annie has a bathing suit that has similar flowers on it. So cute! I've also been needing a pair of slippers for a long time and was very happy to find these for just $4.99. And the great thing is, I could wear them out like clogs if I wanted to! Yes, please!
Cherry Blossom wall art, $166, found at
I'll admit, I'm biased. I have two cherry tattoos (one of cherries and one of cherry blossoms) so I am likely to love anything that has this imagery. But I also really like the idea of three separate canvases that make up one image. I've been seeing quite a bit of this lately, and I enjoy it. Extra bonus? That warm brown/orange tone on the outside of the painting would look stellar in my bathroom...when I'm finally finished painting it, that is!
La Cafetiere Tea Pot, $45 from Macys
I absolutely love this cute little tea press--and even the pretty box it comes in! It's not a practical purchase for me, seeing as I drink more coffee than tea. Also, my tea comes in tea bags and I assume you have to use loose leaf tea for this. Still! If I had a bigger kitchen (and a bigger paycheck!) I would pick it up merely for it's aesthetic value. Adorable!

Stay tuned for Real*Love part two...

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