Monday, January 17, 2011

Really, Ian?

As far as celebrities go, I think Ian Somerhalder is a pretty stand up guy for all his activist work. He and I see eye to eye on many issues, and I'm glad that he uses his celebrity status for good.

That being said, he's a hottie and I've been lusting after him since I caught him on some WB summer television series that I don't even remember the name of. [EDIT: Young Americans!]

But I'm slightly concerned about what's going on with his face...(Ian before: This is a movie still from Rules of Attraction, from this site)

Looks normal, right?
This photo was JUST posted today by Ian on his twitter.

I'm no pro at this, but I do think I'm pretty good at picking up changes in face shape. I'm thinking possible Rhinoplasty, but I'm not sure. His entire face looks different to me.

Any thoughts? I know, who cares, celebrities get plastic surgery all the time. But this one is bothering me. I tweeted him: Rhinoplasty? But he didn't

Don't mess with a good thing, people.


Anonymous said...

Yeah he's definitely starting to look like Michael Jackson a bit. Maybe he should try to do a Biopic of everyones favorite child molester!!!
<3 L

Little Mel said...

Honestly I think it's the combo of a different hairstyle and the angle of the pic.

Eponine said...

Little Mel: That could be. It also could be that he's just another hollywood heart throb that doesn't look that great in cell phone photos.

But, I don't know. There's just something OFF about his face. Not loving it!