Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Small things.

I haven't been feeling very creative for the past two days. Progress on my novel has been at a stand still, although I have been doing a great deal of research. The fact that I don't have any desire to put pen to paper is slightly worrysome...I was going at a really respectable speed and now I've just stopped. I plan to hole up in a cafe tomorrow and see if I can squeeze some more out. (For some reason, writing at home isn't my strong point--even if there aren't many distractions.)

For now I leave you with small things that make me happy.
(Feel free to add your own.)

-Watching my kitten wash his face
-Drowning out the noise of the music studio next door with the 1812 overture (accompanied by my own half-assed ballet.)
-DVDs of Broadway shows in concert
-Not having to frolic outside in the ice :)

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