Sunday, January 9, 2011

To insure or not to insure...

As some of you may know, the company that my job obtains health insurance from decided to raise their rates by...well, a lot this year. And as some of you may also know, I was having trouble keeping my head above water with the rate it was at before the raise.

So, after much debate, I canceled my health insurance.

What this means to me, as far as I'm concerned, is that I'll have to pay out-of-pocket for my monthly birth control.

Which sounds scary...but when you look at it this way....

Birth control WITH health insurance: $15 a month
Health insurance: $450 a month (estimation)

Birth control without health insurance: $40 a month (again, another estimation. but I worked at a pharmacy so it's a slightly educated guess.) (Which would make it what, science nerds? That's right--a hypothesis!)
Health insurance: $0

Dropping the health insurance was clearly going to save me some serious dough.

So, I did.

It sound scarier than it is. In truth, I went to the allergist twice last year and the gynecologist once. I never even saw a regular doctor. (Even if I wanted to see one, I couldn't afford the co-pays or bills that my insurance would send, so I didn't go.)

I'm okay with both my meds, and neither one needs any tweaking, which means no new appointments are necessary, until maybe a gyno at the end of the year, which I can pay for out-of-pocket.

Also? I don't LIKE traditional medicine, anyway. I've seen alternative medicine work wonders, and in most cases (the two obvious exceptions being birth control and my allergy/asthma inhaler!) I favor that. Plus, I can't stand people who run to the doctor at every hiccup. I've never been like that. I come from tough stock ;)

So, $450 x 12? That's $5,400 that I'm going to be saving in 2011. And I can't wait. I hope to put almost every cent of that into my debt and maybe I can finally be squeaky clean by 2012! That would be pretty sweet.

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Little Mel said...

You're lucky to be living in CT.

Sometimes living in MA and dealing with health insurance can be a blessing and a curse. Lucky for me it's a blessing as I pay $0 for my health insurance, no co-pays and $3 for meds.