Sunday, January 2, 2011

Writing overdrive!

I haven't been able to think of anything else but writing lately. I've been obsessively working on a second chapter of a new book, obsessively craving feedback about older pieces, obsessively trying to figure out my TENSES...

I am at present a member of three writing groups. (Just joined a new one today!) And I can't get enough. I'm working with one professional editor and two, maybe three non-professional ones.

I have one short story that currently got approved and moved to "phase two" in a magazine. I am unbelievably excited but trying to not get my hopes up, seeing as I've not exactly had a good year...

Here's my total from last year:

Pieces submitted: 35
Rejections: 27
Acceptances: 1
Lost/Never responded: 2
Still pending: 4
Rejected, but requested to see more work: 1

So...yeah. As far as I'm concerned, getting approved is a huge victory. As is, of course, the acceptance, and the one who requested to see more work.

I really wish I had more writer friends, though. We'll see what writing group number three has to offer.


sugarmouse said...

getting approved is. you go, girl! and you just keep on keeping on :D

happy new year to you!

Little Mel said...

I have been writing a lot of articles and am working on my third poetry book ^_^. I'm part of a writing group as well!

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