Tuesday, February 22, 2011

10 things.

To help combat my fragile emotional state, my best friend Lauren gave me a homework assignment: find ten things that make me happy and do at least one of them every day.

Being broke, it's easier said than done.  Most things that make me happy require at least a small amount of money (Caramel Macchiatos, creative writing magazines, a really awesome new outfit, sushi, tattoos) and considering I currently have none until my next paycheck (getting paid bi-weekly sucks), I've had to get creative.

1. Watching 30 Rock.  I can say with no shame that 30 Rock is my favorite show ever and that I am, in fact, Liz Lemon.  Only slightly younger and less successful and WAY more of a crybaby when things really fall to shit.  And I love, love, love that I can watch seasons 1-4 on Netflix.  I watch the same episodes over and over again and they're still funny every single time.

2. Cuddling with Major Tom.  Major Tom doesn't give a crap about how I'm feeling, really.  When I got him, the girl said that he'd be really cuddly and clingy with me--this has not turned out to be the case.  Instead, he is completely gay for Jay and I can only get him to stay near me if the conditions are just right.  I have to be laying on the couch that Jay usually sits on, the blanket has to be off of the couch...everything has to be quiet, and he has to come over on his own.  It's so rare.  I've taken to giving him treats when he comes up to bed with me, which he has stopped doing since it hasn't been freezing cold.  Such an opportunist kitty.

3. Writing.  I hate to admit this, but I haven't been writing at all lately.  I just don't have it in me.  I should have had the first draft of my novel finished by now, but I have barely been able to pick up a pen for the past month.  My college essay is due by the end of the month, and every time I look at it my mind just blanks.  Not really great timing.  Blurg.

That's all I've been able to come up with so far.  I've also been paring down my wardrobe but that isn't really a "fun" thing.

What are YOUR ten things?



Little Mel said...

I will do like you and list things that don't cost money (which, like you, a lot of things that make me happy do require money coughcaramel macchiatocough)

1. Spending time with my best friend. He is, without a doubt, one of my favorite people to be around. He has this amazing ability to make me smile no matter how depressed or upset I am.

2. Writing class. The 2nd and 4th Monday of the month at Barnes and Noble. It gives me a chance to expand my writing and go outside my comfort zone. It's a lot of fine and their are great people.

3. Reading the DSM-IV I am a psychology nut and I love abnormal psych, so naturally I love reading about all the different disorders.

4. Remy and Loki cuddles

5. Photography. I love grabbing my camera and going out and just taking pics of random stuff

6. Hooping. Regular and fire. Great for the mind, body and soul

7. Girls night with my friend Niki.

8. When certain people comment on my status/pic/etc on FB

9. Dancing at Haven

10. The Broadway station on my rental car.

elenamarija said...

These 2 websites make me happy because they're full of (new to me) music!!!