Friday, February 18, 2011

A happier story.

So, a coworker/friend of mine won free tickets in a work raffle to see Shrek the Musical.  I didn't have any interest in Shrek, really, (I've never even seen the movies, just part of the first one) but she knew how much I love musicals so she invited me and our boss/friend along.

It was a pretty good show.  I, of course, was ridiculously excited during the whole first act due to my all-consuming musical love.  But when the second act started I had calmed down a little and literally had this, "Hmm.  This might not be that good." moment.

I'm certainly no critic when it comes to musicals, as I am biased and also love Annie, which pretty much everyone hates.  But I thought everyone was pretty talented, there were some funny jokes (although about a minute straight of comical farting/burping that I could have done without, but I get it, it was a musical for kids!) and the part with the dragon was probably the most amazing thing that I've ever seen on stage.  The dragon was hands down the best part.

I may have enjoyed it more if I had seen the movies.  But all in all I was happy that I got to go!  Free tickets to a musical?  That doesn't happen every day :)