Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Missing in Action...

Sorry I've been absent lately, guys.  Things are not the greatest in Alison-Land, mostly the definite end of my almost-four-year relationship (I have a three year expiration date, it seems.) and the fact that there has been so much damn SNOW in New England that I've successfully managed to use ALL OF my sick/personal time in the month of January.   Yeah.  Not how I was intending on spending it, that's for sure.

The good news is, my best friend has come home from a 6 year stay in London and she's been totally there for me...the perfect distraction, making sure I eat (I literally forget to eat for days when I'm depressed) and picking up my pieces.  It's what she does best, and I am so lucky that she somehow always seems to be around when I really need her.

And there is just...so much SNOW.  Now, I know I live in New England and we get snow every year.  That part, I'm used to.  I'm also used to the fact that as soon as a single flake makes an appearance, everyone starts driving like an idiot while simultaneously bitching about the weather.  (While others take the approach, "Shut up and move if you don't like winter.")
But this year has been something completely unreal.  We had a green Christmas AND a green New Years--but after that, all bets were off.  Mother Nature has dumped storm after storm upon us--one foot of snow, two feet, one foot--week after week!  I'm not exaggerating, we have had a massive storm EVERY Wednesday for the entire month of January.  We just barely get ourselves dug out when the snow slams us again.

My best friend's father said something like, "I haven't seen snow like this since the blizzard of '77."
But that's the thing.  The blizzard of '77 was just that--a blizzard.  ONE storm.  Boom.  And then you dug out, and you were done.  This winter has just been relentless.  So much worse.

Honestly, I like the area I am in.  But if we get another winter like this next year, I am strongly considering splitting my time between New England and Florida.  I can't take another year of this!

Anyway, I'm alternatively seethingly angry and devastatingly depressed as of late, and as such am finding it difficult to blog.  But I'll try to keep up appearances around here.  If you try not to miss me too much ;)

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Yay im back!!!