Wednesday, March 2, 2011


So, I watched The Secret today.    And I'm giving it a shot, mostly because all of the people I know who follow it are extremely happy and successful.  The first step of The Secret is to list things that you are grateful for.  Since the whole point of The Secret is to put your thoughts out into the universe, I figure there's no better place to post this than my blog.  Feel free to add your own.

My job.
My mom.
Major Tom.
My writing group.
My bed.
Tina Fey.  (Obviously!)
New York City. (In general.)
The days staying bright later and later.  (No more dark walks to my car!)
The fact I actually got a tax RETURN this year.
My apartment.
All the small but materialistic things that make me happy.

Hopefully that was good for a first start.  I found it difficult, actually, because I always wanted to make adjustments, like, "I'm grateful for my health, mostly, except for one or two things..." but I had to nip that in the bud.

As you can see, being positive will be a challenge.  But I'm up for it.

(If you're interested in reading more about The Secret, that first link is the book and this one here:  The Secret (Extended Edition)is for the documentary, which is what I watched.)

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