Friday, March 25, 2011


I haven't been finding as many cute things that strike my fancy lately!  Here is a backlog of some older ones that never made the cut... alternative to the usual "baby on board" sign.  I love this especially as my friend Mary's little boy Theo has a monkey themed bedroom.  It would look super cute on Mary's car, and I plan to buy it for her one day :)

Super cute, right?  Just in case hubby needs a reminder, aside from the actual symbolism of the ring itself. 

How great is this?  Seriously, a little mini fainting couch for the classiest little kids out there.  Don't get me wrong--my mom built me a little wooden toy box when I was a kid and it's served me well.  (It's still at her house, being used to hold most of my old writing!)  But I would have loved this.  
I am in love with these.  I only wish I had a use for a million little silk bags!  Check out the site--they have a ton of Van Gogh items.
I like that these are so simple and kind of thrift-store kitchy (drinking out of a mason jar? really?) but still so cute.  I imagine anything drunk out of them would taste amazingly fresh...but that's just my brain responding to Pottery Barn's photography.  Touche, marketing.
I am really only posting this one because it reminds me of an ice cream sandwich.
Totally cute celestial sleep mask :)

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