Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A story in three photos.

I have been incredibly fortunate lately and have attended some really wonderful shows, both on Broadway and off.  I've seen Bebe Neuwirth perform in Addams Family and Victor Garber (my current muse) perform in Defying Gravity for the New York City Opera.

But I have this really bad habit of getting over-excited as the performance begins, and I remain so through the entire first act.  I clamp my Playbill over my face as shown.  My excited breath fogs up and heats up the Playbill...

Which results in the ink rubbing off.  ALL OVER MY FACE.

(So in short, if you see me in NYC with ink smeared all over my face, odds are I've just seen an amazing show.)

(Also: Please excuse my hair, but note my fabulous manicure.  I have been very sick lately and in bed.)

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