Monday, May 30, 2011

Hi, hi, hi there....

So, as it turns out I hadn't actually blogged about this yet (which is weird, as we all know I blog about everything!) but my best friend Lauren is home from Germany!  Which means...I have a social life again, hurray!

(Me, Mary, Lauren, after a night of enjoying some fab sushi and watching Yo Gabba Gabba.)

This explains the almost total blog-abandonment.  Sorry, readers.  When you're without your best friend for six years, ya gotta make up for lost time :)  Our nights have been mostly spent driving aimlessly, telling stories, singing loudly along with whatever comes on my iPod, smoking cigarettes (yeah, I've picked up the habit again...shame on me, I know) and grabbing the cheapest dinner we can find.

I've also been looking for new jobs, which is a long story but can be basically summed up current job will be dropping us down to minimum wage starting June 6th.  Which maybe I could handle, except for the fact that I have an hour commute each way every day (hello, have you seen these gas prices?), have to pay around $40 a month for parking, and my car lease is up around January/February.  I've found some jobs that seem to be really good fits, so I'm hopeful.  We'll see.

I'm also trudging my way through packet work for school, working on packet number three right now.  I can't believe I'm already about halfway through the semester!  Time has certainly been flying, and unfortunately I'm still not exactly adjusted to the schedule.  As they say, "it's a process"!

All for now.


Izzy said...

The people complain about the gas price even here in Brazil.

Alison said...

The gas prices are pretty awful, although they seem to be coming down ever-so-slightly right now. I hope that trend continues :)