Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Learning and applying are two different things.

I learned a long time ago that I'm an ice cream archaeologist.

Whenever I buy any type of ice cream with a "swirl" in it (we're talking the peanut butter in Turkey Hill's Peanut Butter Chocolate, swirls of that nature) I suddenly find myself chasing the swirls around the carton.

"I'll only have a bite or two..."  I tell myself.

But I get wrapped up in excavation.

I just bought a pint of some delicious coffee/caramel ice cream with a chocolate swirl.  I'm getting my bottom two wisdom teeth out next Thursday, so I figured I ought to stock up.

But when I got back home I realized I had forgotten to buy peanut butter and jelly...and I wanted something sweet.

"I'll only have a bite or two..."  I told myself again.  "I have to save this for next week."

But that damn swirl has gotten the better of me yet again.  I will never learn.


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