Wednesday, June 8, 2011


I'm pretty much head over heels for just about all of these items!

Rare Editions Black Pageant Easter Paris Dress 

Seriously, can we talk about having this dress made in adult sizes?  Because how freaking adorable is that!  I would wear it all the time.  Someone, find me some fabric and I'll get a-sewin'...

This is an awesome idea for people in tiny apartments (or college dorms, or efficiencies...hell, maybe even RVs...).  I would definitely buy this for myself if A) I actually cooked and B) I wasn't picky as hell about my coffee.
Again, if I actually COOKED I'd definitely pick this up.  A heart shaped casserole dish?  How can you go wrong?

The Basic Human Kindness Address Book

Although I don't really have a need for an address book (does anyone anymore?) I do love this cover.  I might just print it out and hang it on my wall.

That's all for now!   What are on your personal Real*Love lists right now?  C'mon...I know you've got them too!


mutedsiren said...

There are so many dresses that I see in the kids section that I want too. I so need to have a daughter someday.

My list includes an ipod car adapter, one of those things I've wanted for years and always tell myself someday when I have a spare $50, but that hasn't happened yet. Someday...Also, a flat iron to straighten my hair. Stat.

Anonymous said...

I love lists. Have you checked out It seems up your alley.