Friday, July 1, 2011

First time for everything...

So I have this friend on Facebook...and whenever he updates or I look at his photos or whatever, I'm filled with this horrible sense of dread and embarrassment.

You see, one time, God, maybe even three or four years ago now, he drove me and my then-boyfriend to a housewarming party of a mutual friend.

There weren't really many people I knew there and I was feeling pretty shy, so when this super drunk and extremely outgoing girl came up to me and asked me to dance with her, I replied, "I am not drunk enough to dance."

She took it as her new calling in life to be certain to get me as drunk as possible, as quickly as possible.  She poured me glass after glass of Dr. Pepper and vodka, explaining to me each time: "It has a blend of 23 flavors. You won't even taste the vodka."

And she was right, I didn't.

I didn't taste the vodka in the first Dr. Pepper.
I didn't feel drunk.
I didn't taste the vodka in the second Dr. Pepper.  Or the third.
I didn't taste the vodka when we ran OUT of Dr. Pepper and it was suddenly just a glass full of vodka.
I also didn't dance with her, as she passed out in a corner soon after.
I also didn't remember 99% of the party the next day.

But I do remember getting into the car to drive home and vomiting after the first five minutes.  I tried really hard to roll down the window and keep the car clean, but apparently I was not entirely successful.

I was so embarrassed about it all, I started crying.  Just trying to go out and have some fun for once and instead I just puke everywhere and cry and make a fool of myself.

The night just got worse from there.  I got dropped off at home and continued to be unbearably sick.  My body just had no idea what I had done to it--or why.  I mean, I never even danced!  The events of the night took a turn and became so embarrassing for everyone involved (not just me! huzzah!) that I'm actually sworn to secrecy about them.

But yeah, that was the first time I ever threw up from drinking.  It is also the reason I can't look at this dude's Facebook without cringing.  Yikes.

I apologized profusely afterwards and he assured me it was fine, just that I was going to be his designated driver next time.  But we never hung out again, and to this day I feel a little responsible.

[I just don't understand how college girls do this every weekend.  Does this embarrassment eventually wear off if you throw up in the cars of/on/in front of enough people?]

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