Monday, July 25, 2011

A week in photos:

I start every morning by mixing all of these ingredients together, plus water and ice cubes, with various delicious results.  The espresso machine was a birthday present from my boyfriend. (Yup.  It's officially official now.)  It was the perfect gift.

I got a pedicure from a little shop down the street a few days ago.  It's important to get pedicures regularly if you are on your feed for long periods of time during the day, which I will be.  I went with a pretty blue polish this time, which is very different than my usual dark purple.  I wanted a robin's egg blue, but they didn't have it.  This turned out to be close enough.  :)

Did you ever notice how all bloggers seem to have slightly unique, endearing titles for their male counterparts?  Boyfriend, Mr. Boyfriend, Mister, The Boy, The Mister, etcetecetc.  I haven't come up with one of those yet.    I'm at a loss over here.  Suggestions?
Either way, he took me to Mystic this past weekend and we poked around the little shops there.  It was touristy in a Salem kind of way, which I always like.  (This picture is from the drive there.  Didn't take any at Mystic.)

...we even asked Zoltan to tell us our fortune.  He wasn't terribly helpful.  But, I didn't wake up in the morning and realize I was Tom Hanks, so he wasn't completely unhelpful, either.

I've started my new job, ugly work clothes and all.  So far, it seems to be going very well.

There's a Trader Joe's next to my training store!  This made my day, and meant I got brown rice sushi for lunch.  Not pictured, as I gobbled it pretty fast.

Chili's has margaritas for $3.95, which were NOT consumed as quickly as today's sushi was.  For some reason, these took so long to drink that they seemed almost bottomless.  I completely recommend them.

I promised him I wouldn't post this on Facebook.  But this is not Facebook.  (He is trying my Mojito, by the way.  Not double fisting.)

My cat might be super noisy, but he is adorable.  (And blurry.)

Side note:  As I write this, it is 5:30.  I would JUST be getting out of work normally.  Instead, I worked a 7 hour day, had a meeting with an admissions counselor at a nearby school, hung out, cleaned a little, wrote this blog...!  I like this getting-out-at-1:00-PM stuff.


the Music of the Night said...

OMG I sthat the trader joes near westfarms!? Where are you working now!?

Alison said...

It's in West Hartford. I don't know if that's near Westfarms but I would assume so! I'm working for a private merchandising company, my training is at the Best Buy in West Hartford. It's a good thing I'm not working there all the time--I spend $20 each time I walk in the door at Trader Joes!!!

the Music of the Night said...

ive never actually been in there.. i've gone by it a few times.. i will probably spend more time when i move down there, but there is also a whole foods down the street, so.. it's a toss up lol