Wednesday, August 17, 2011


So I decided today that by handing in my V card (my vegetarian card! what were you thinking?! Pervs!) it's really not going to be a good thing for my health.  Being a vegetarian may have been at times expensive and difficult, but you know what?  It kept me from eating fast food.

Today I had a Whopper Jr.  With cheese.  And fries.  And a Sprite.  And ranch sauce.

...and I didn't know who I was anymore.

This might not seem like a big deal to some people.  So what?  You had a little fast food.  Everyone does.

But I had not eaten red meat in over two years.  And I hadn't had soda in over two years.  French fries in...oh, months.  I'm gonna say at least 6 months.  And I don't even LIKE ranch sauce!

(As a sidenote?  The Whopper was positively not as delicious as I remembered it to be.  I remember a smoky, "flame grilled" flavor, but it was missing.  Bummer.)

There were many reasons why I became a vegetarian in the first place.  People would always ask me why, and it was really hard for me to answer them succinctly because I mean...really, as far as I see it, the reasons to be a vegetarian far outnumber the reasons to not be.

First, my obvious love of animals.  I don't like to think of them dying, whether or not it's for my plate or not.   Secondly, for health reasons.  I knew it would help me drop some weight, and it did.  And third, for...well, I guess extended health reasons.  I mean, not only did it keep me away from fast food, but it also took the guesswork out of what am I eating and where did it come from?

I mean, really.  Watch Food, Inc.  Look, I'll even link you to their site.  Basically, between the terrible treatment of animals, the hormones, the antibiotics...I mean, meat just doesn't seem "healthy".  And then there's the people who are killed from contaminated now people are injecting ammonia into meat to make it "safer"?


Oh, and then there's the fact that the digestive system isn't even set up to HANDLE meat.  Our colons are too long--the meat ferments inside before we can expel it.  (To be perfectly honest I don't know what difference that makes, exactly...but hey, it sounds like a good argument, right?)

But whatever.  Anyway.

So I think my new thing is to be a sometimes-vegetarian.  I would prefer not to eat meat entirely, but, in the event that I know the source of the meat (i.e: I buy it myself from a human certified, non-hormone, non-antibiotic, grass-fed, free-range, fair trade...blah blah you get the idea...) I will consume it for "health reasons".

(Funny how that works, isn't it?  I have health reasons for not consuming it, and health reasons for consuming it as well.)

But either way--this means NO fast food meat!  Even if a chicken sandwich does cost a dollar, and a veggie burger costs over $3...  :(

Sunday, August 14, 2011

You're going to hate me for this...

Or:  Things I can't write on Facebook, lest I want to lose at least 100 friends...

But I realized today that beyond not "getting" why everyone is so obsessed with Lady Gaga...

...I actually don't think I like her. at. all.  And, I gave her a chance.  More than a chance, actually.  Some of her tunes are catchy, but she, as a person, kind of freaks me out.

(To put that in prospective for you?  Marilyn Manson does not freak me out.)

And I's like she sat down with her agent and was like, "I want my "thing" to be that I'm as bizarre as possible.  Can we do that?"  (And okay, while Manson might have done the exact same thing, at least he was a) a shock rocker and b) reasonably goth/punk styled.  His style had roots.  Gaga's style?  If she's not ripping off Madonna or Manson himself, she is wearing a DRESS MADE OF MEAT.  As a vegetarian*, I am required by law to protest this.)

And then the media/public started a rumor (??) that she was a transsexual.  And she runs with it.

I know Gaga fans are totally hardcore about her, and would probably quite literally fight to the death for her, if it came down to it--but I feel like she's exploiting them in a way, with Born This Way, at least.

I mean, I guess there's nothing wrong with knowing your audience and catering to them.  But something about the way she does it...the way she does everything...just really puts me off her.

I would really, really love for her to tone it down a little.  This over-the-topness just makes me feel like she is trying too hard, and that she's maybe even uncomfortable with who she is.  I would LOVE to see her shoot a video, a la Gwen Stefani's(since she seems to have no problems with "taking influence from" other stars...)  Underneath video.

Y'all remember that one?


Well here.

(Fast forward to 3:00 to understand my point here.)

Barefaced.  Normal.  Real.  Jumping on a damn bed in the sunshine.  There's a reason why Gwen Stefani is still a nice, well adjusted human after being a rockstar.  I think it's because she had moments like these.

(image 1) (image 2)

*I am currently attempting to not be a vegetarian any longer.  I have had chicken both today and yesterday, and it has not yet made me ill.  I'm not sure if this being-a-carnivore thing is going to stick around, though.  I'm still not 100% comfortable with the idea of it...

Friday, August 5, 2011

Contest winner!!

Hi everyone!

Sorry about the delay on picking a winner!  I’ve been super busy lately between work and getting this sweet new ride... that I completely forgot until my mom (who is a reader—hi mom!) reminded me.

So the winner of the UPrinting poster contest is…. commenter 2, Lady KT!

Congrats lady!  I need to send your info to the UPrinting people today so please get it to me ASAP. You can email it to   Thanks! J