Sunday, August 14, 2011

You're going to hate me for this...

Or:  Things I can't write on Facebook, lest I want to lose at least 100 friends...

But I realized today that beyond not "getting" why everyone is so obsessed with Lady Gaga...

...I actually don't think I like her. at. all.  And, I gave her a chance.  More than a chance, actually.  Some of her tunes are catchy, but she, as a person, kind of freaks me out.

(To put that in prospective for you?  Marilyn Manson does not freak me out.)

And I's like she sat down with her agent and was like, "I want my "thing" to be that I'm as bizarre as possible.  Can we do that?"  (And okay, while Manson might have done the exact same thing, at least he was a) a shock rocker and b) reasonably goth/punk styled.  His style had roots.  Gaga's style?  If she's not ripping off Madonna or Manson himself, she is wearing a DRESS MADE OF MEAT.  As a vegetarian*, I am required by law to protest this.)

And then the media/public started a rumor (??) that she was a transsexual.  And she runs with it.

I know Gaga fans are totally hardcore about her, and would probably quite literally fight to the death for her, if it came down to it--but I feel like she's exploiting them in a way, with Born This Way, at least.

I mean, I guess there's nothing wrong with knowing your audience and catering to them.  But something about the way she does it...the way she does everything...just really puts me off her.

I would really, really love for her to tone it down a little.  This over-the-topness just makes me feel like she is trying too hard, and that she's maybe even uncomfortable with who she is.  I would LOVE to see her shoot a video, a la Gwen Stefani's(since she seems to have no problems with "taking influence from" other stars...)  Underneath video.

Y'all remember that one?


Well here.

(Fast forward to 3:00 to understand my point here.)

Barefaced.  Normal.  Real.  Jumping on a damn bed in the sunshine.  There's a reason why Gwen Stefani is still a nice, well adjusted human after being a rockstar.  I think it's because she had moments like these.

(image 1) (image 2)

*I am currently attempting to not be a vegetarian any longer.  I have had chicken both today and yesterday, and it has not yet made me ill.  I'm not sure if this being-a-carnivore thing is going to stick around, though.  I'm still not 100% comfortable with the idea of it...

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