Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Real*Love, Etsy edition, part one!

I have to admit, part of the beauty of Etsy is that you find things you never knew you secretly loved.

For instance, I have certain things I search for specifically on etsy: birds, cherry blossoms, coffee, sushi, and the color mustard (or goldenrod) yellow.

I try not to frequent the site too frequently.  Mostly, because I fall in love with items quickly and because I don't "need" these things, I can't justify the purchases--which kills me, because some of the things are just beautiful.  And frankly, I WANT THEM.

And without further ado, I bring you things I have been lusting over.  (This will be a two-parter, so stay tuned!)

I don't personally wear a lot of screenprinted t-shirts (or t-shirts in general, really), but as a writer and typewriter lover, I'm a big fan of this one.  And the shop, LuckyLucyStyle, has a lot of cute screen printed things.

Screen printed scarves?  Yeah, I'd wear those.  I've actually been following Pretty Raccoon's shop for a long time.  Screen printed tunic dresses are pretty awesome, too. 

And the cherry blossom obsession continues!  I love the simple elegance of this print.  I think I'll buy it eventually, or something similar.  I want to put some pretty pictures in small, mismatched frames on the wall soon.

All the fun of tattoos without the pain, or the permanence!  I love these cute tights, but they don't make them in Casper White, unfortunately.   (They do have a bunch of other styles, I recommend checking them out here.)

I just realized this is only a pillow cover, not an actual pillow, which ruined it a little for me...but, the design is so cute I'm willing to still consider it.  The only immediate issue I see?  It will be covered in cat hair in a matter of seconds.  Major Tom sheds like it's his job.

Cherry blossoms and a bird, COMBINED?  Surely, this pillow was made for me!

Okay, and so although I don't really smoke anymore (I may or may not have two packs of American Spirits in my car--for emergencies only!) I still love the imagery of it, and this photo captures it perfectly.  These are actually a set of 5 note cards, but I think I would just frame one and call it a day.

Stay tuned for my next Real*Love Etsy edition!

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