Sunday, September 25, 2011

Style Icon: Tina Fey

While Tina Fey is certainly no Fashionista (and I don't mean that in a bad way--I'm sure Tina herself would agree with me) she has managed to convince me of two things:

  1. It's okay to be a brunette.
  2. Men don't make passes at girls that wear glasses?  FALSE.
For yearrrssss I dyed the hell out of my hair.  I dyed it within an inch of it's life. (it was falling out in chunks the night before my senior prom.  HORROR.)

Even more recently, I still dyed my hair like crazy.  I stuck with red hair dye for the most part, though, deciding it was pretty much the color I was born to have.

But for some reason, it wasn't until watching 30 Rock that I stopped looking at my own natural brown hair color as "poopy" or "dirty looking" and actually embraced it as a legitimate hair color.

(I assumed my hair was still brown, anyway.  I had been dying it for the past ten years without stopping, so who could be sure anymore?)

It also helped that I was getting just a bit earthy-crunchy, and I knew full well that the chemicals in my hairdye were no good for me.  (Neither were the chemicals in soda, or cigarettes...)

So, I dyed my hair back to my natural color.  And then I stopped dying.  Cold turkey.

It's lighter brown than it looks in the photo, but the best part about is it, it's never been healthier.  Awesome.  And I'm not wasting tons of money on hairdye.  (Although I really, really do miss my red hair and wish I was just a natural redhead.)

Bonus tip?  Brunettes are taken more seriously in the workplace.

As far as glasses go?  Glasses to me are just...blah.  I'm not particularly fond of them on other people, and I downright hate them on me.

But even though Tina Fey doesn't "need" her glasses (she wore them only to see the cue cards on SNL, and they became her trademark) she still wears them.

And I hear a lot of people are into that "hot librarian" look.

And I guess maybe they don't look that bad...

See, the thing that pisses me off is that after 11 years of wearing contacts, my eyes have decided that they have had enough.  They get itchy and irritated after only a few hours.  It sucks.

And of course I can't afford LASIK.  So instead, I wear my glasses pretty much 95% of the time.  If I know I'm meeting someone new, going to a party or an event where I want to make a good impression (or if I think I might be photographed) I will usually wear my contacts.

Oh, and during the summer when I want to wear my sunglasses.  Contacts time.

So, Tina Fey is awesome and she has brown hair and glasses.  And I'm kind of Liz Lemon, so I might as well look the part...


Little Mel said...

So I have been dying my hair about as long as you for the same reason. I always found brown to be boring and I love my hair red. But aside from roots I don't think I've seen my natural hair color in years. So I am growing it vack out my natural color. As far as glasses I.think I look better with them and I am always told they look got on me. Plus I'm a geek so it works!

Lily Reed said...

current boyfriend and last ex both agreed when I would pose them the question: "Glasses or contacts?"

GLASSES. Without a second thought.

So there must be something to it. More recently, I have found myself making the glasses call without their motivation. Even *I* rather like the way it looks.

Lizz said...

BRUNETTE POWER! I really enjoy your blog :D I also used to dye my hair a reddish darker brown because I thought it looked "better". Now I realize it looked awful. Also, I'm assuming you watch 30 Rock. Just don't start calling your bf "dummy".... haha

Alison said...

Little Mel: It's always interesting to find out what ones natural hair color is after a long time of dying it!

Lily: The glasses/contacts war is really just strange to me! Maybe our glasses make us appear smarter?

Lizz: Oh, don't worry! My LAST boyfriend was the dummy! (No lie, he had almost everything in common with Dennis Duffy!) :) Thanks for reading!