Saturday, September 17, 2011

A week (or so) in photos:

Okay, so really this is only from the past two days, but, still.  You know me.  I don't get out much :)

Here's the thing, folks.  I HATE summer.  I can't stand being hot and sticky.  I hate shorts, I hate the sun, I hate mosquitoes.  I'm not a fan of swimming outdoors or barbecues or really anything summer related.  (Except maybe the fact that it stays darker later, and it is acceptable to constantly be eating ice cream.)  

Yesterday was an unbelievably gorgeous day.  It felt like the first day of fall, and immediately it made me want to run out and pick apples and drink cider and play in leaf piles and wear hoodies and carve pumpkins and...well, you know the deal.  I really hope this weather lasts.  We haven't had a good fall in a while, they've all been too rainy, or the seasons have seemed to have gone straight from summer to winter.

I got in some much needed novel-writing time on the back deck of my boyfriend's house while he was at work.  It was a pretty nice spot, and I love having no laptop and hence, no distractions.

 It also made me painfully aware that I DO NOT OWN ENOUGH WARM CLOTHING.  Bleh.  I hit up the mall in search of some cheap fall sweaters.  Didn't find too much,  but got a pair of leggings from H&M.  (If you're looking for the perfect pair of leggings, give them a try.  They are sooo soft and thin without being see-through.  My favorite.)  And an orange knitted hat.  (In fall, my color pallet takes a sharp left turn from my general purple/olive green/burgundy/teal, and careens towards burnt orange, goldenrod and brown!)

Today I spent most of my day cleaning and listening to music.  The house, of course, smells amazing and appropriately fall-like.  (Although, I am beginning to wonder if Yankee Candle makes a "hay" scented candle. I drove by someone spreading hay in his field today and the smell that hit me was just so quintessentially fall!)

 I was sucked in by Revlon's marketing scheme for it's "Just Bitten" lip stain.  (I equally place blame on my friend Mary, who I just noticed the other day was wearing lipstain, and it looked so natural yet amazing.)  Anyway, the color came out this deep berry shade, way darker than what was listed on the tube, and it also was sucked in unevenly (as you can probably tell) by my dehydrated lips.  Not cool.  I'm going to hydrate for a few days and see if that makes a difference...and then back to the store it goes.  I'll try a lighter shade, but this seems like a bust.  Boo.

I needed new black flats for work.  These were screaming at me to buy them.  And since they were the same price as the plain black flats, why not?  I also found some adorable heeled booties for fall.  I stood, tormented by indecision for about a half hour while the sales girl laughed at me--before my mom texted me and told me she'd buy both pairs for me.  Be jealous, folks.  My mom is the best ever.

Happy fall from me and Major Tom!

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omg i love cats :D. sorry that was random anyways hi, i'm leia and i like your blog