Thursday, September 15, 2011

The world of one.

So, obviously it's impractical to own, say, one pair of socks, or underwear, or something like that.

But what about owning just one of everything else?  Granted, if you entertain a lot or have a big family this is next to impossible.  But for someone like me, it seems to be a good idea.

See, when it comes to dishes especially I can get really lazy.  I had a rule when I first moved out of my house--I'd bring ONE BOWL ( rule them all...) and use it exclusively.  
This is the bowl in question.  It's still kinda my favorite...

But you know, there was a time when it became "practical" for me to beg my mother for a set of plates, bowls, mugs...etc.  Y'know.  And they came in handy cuz I had parties and stuff and actually cooked dinners.  But now they simply mean I leave them in the sink and they get gross.

(Side note:  If you're lazy like me, I think you should be warned:  Let's say you have a sink full of dirty dishes, some fruit flies that accompany them, and you've discovered that bleach kills fruit flies.  DO NOT stop up your sink, fill it with hot water and bleach, and leave town for three days.  It killed the fruit flies, sure.  You know what it also did?  IT KILLED MY PLATES.  I'm not sure exactly what happened, but I had to throw most of my stuff out because everything that was soaking became covered in this sticky substance that would NOT wash off no matter how much soap, bleach and water I used.  You have been warned.)

Anyway.  So the bonus of having wrecked my own dishes is that now I'm back down to my one bowl.  Maybe two spoons, a fork, 2 or 3 knives.  I am forced to wash my dishes because they have to be washed unless I want to starve.  This works for me.  I find myself wondering what else I could cut down on to simplify my life.

Clothes?  Yep.  I have a pretty standard "outfit" that I can usually be found wearing.  Leggings, boots and a dress.  Sometimes leggings, boots and shorts and a t-shirt.  Very occasionally, when I am feeling very lazy and maybe even a little gross, I'll wear jeans.  (I honestly want to buy one pair of really hot designer jeans and throw out all my others--I usually wear one pair over and over again, so they might as well be nice!)

I go through my clothes once every couple of months, with my main focus being on downsizing.  Somehow I still have tonssss of clothing.  (And not enough fall sweaters...hmm.)

I downsized all my books (except for the autographed ones, and the first edition vonnegut!) when I got my Kindle.  BUT, I have since been introduced to the beauty which is The Book Barn, and my bookshelves will never be empty again.  Yikes.

You know how they say if you don't touch it/use it/look for it/miss it in a year, then you should get rid of it?  Yeah.  If i were to follow that advice, I would have practically no belongings.  Maybe one day I'll follow it, but til then I can't spare my old photos and old writing!

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