Friday, September 2, 2011

ZOMG, I am alive.

Haven't had too much to blog about lately.  I survived a hurricane, even though I live less than 10 feet from a river.  I was lucky to not have any flooding.  People throughout the state are still without power, though.  Mine only flickered and went out for a minute or two.  Yay!

Going back to school soon, even though for a long time I thought that I wouldn't be returning.  I'm so close to finishing that I've just gotta push through!

My new job has turned out to be a bit overwhelming.  The company has us all understaffed and over worked.  Out of the eight people who were in my training class, today only three of us remain.  I'm keeping an eye out for something new (again, ugh!) in case things don't improve there.

I really just want to open a coffee shop or a vintage clothing store or something.  Or a combined coffee shop/bookstore/vintage clothing store.  That has poetry readings and karaoke nights and open mic nights...

It would be awesome, but I'm not in a good area for it AND I have no start up money.  So.  Yeah.  Plus I can't imagine opening a business in this economy is a great idea.


Erin Borgerson said...

I just love the cute cup designs. When these designs are over the table cloth people who come to the coffee shop will have a wonderful feeling. And keeping them on walls with all these smiley cups designs are a great way to attarcat people.

Alison said...

I was thinking of having an image of each on the wall like an actual menu. They are so cute and I love them! Too bad opening an actual coffee shop is more of a pipe dream that's a million years down the road :(