Sunday, October 2, 2011

College is weird.

I apologize for the silence, all, but I am currently away at college.

It's been an interesting time thus far.  I have discovered that my "drink" is champagne.  (So much for being a cheap date.  Now I feel like I need to wear black dresses and pearls every time I drink.)

I have watched countless people wrap themselves up in drama, and I have heard some amazing stories and beautiful prose and poetry.

There's a workshop soon with a visiting writer, and I can't wait for that to begin.  I'm very excited about this semester and I feel like my advisor this time is a much better fit for me.

I'll check in again once I'm home!


Lizz said...

Just some advice from a recent graduate: find another (cheaper) drink if you can! I really liked tequila for a long time, which can go all wrong by the end of the night if you buy the cheap kind (which is all college students can afford).

Alison said...

Well, thankfully for my wallet, my college residency only lasts two weeks! I've been drinking champagne and super cheap white zinfandel mostly. :)