Monday, October 24, 2011


I promise a fulfilling blog post in a few days: for now, I am busily attacking my college coursework.  For now, enjoy this random thought. 

Sometimes in the morning, I will forgo the typical American bacon egg & cheese, bagel with cream cheese, what have you, and I’ll get a croissant, toasted with butter.
And even though I’m late for work and eating as I drive, it’s raining and cold, my gas tank is already on E and I’m nearly out of cash for the week…
…I imagine that I’m sitting at a sidewalk cafe in Paris.

The sun is warm and the croissant is fresh and I’m across the table from someone special to me.  I have no place to be.  My only concern is finishing my croissant and coffee.
I need to make this a reality one day.

(photo reposted from tumblr user "aliceisbacon", but I am unsure who the credit goes to.)

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