Monday, October 10, 2011

Home sweet home!

I'm back!  And trying to turn my life around.

Well, my job situation anyway.  I deserve so much better, and hopefully I will find it, soon.

My college stay was...interesting.  I meet a lot of really smart people there who push me to be a better person--and in the same vein I am at times shocked by how others view the place is an excuse to do things you wouldn't do at home.  I mean, we aren't traditional college-age kids.  Most of us are adults.  We range in age from 21 to 70.  This isn't a what-happens-in-Vegas... kind of situation.

 My first semester, I was told: "This College ruins lives.  You come here and you meet these wonderful, intellectual people who you can connect with on a whole 'nother level.  When you go home, things just aren't the same.  This College has torn apart families."

Last semester, I kind of wanted to believe that.  I wanted to believe that I was the "wonderful intellectual person". 

But as an observer this semester, I'm not sure these lines are anything more than a fancy excuse.  I found myself disappointed in many people who I thought highly of.

In somewhat related news, I now am exercising my capacity to use the Facebook "block" feature.  And you know what? I already feel a little lighter.  In addition to blocking them from seeing my profile, it also removes any temptation on my part to "just take a peek" at their page.  I'm not sure why I never utilized this before.

Now I'm buried up to my ears in literature and my first "packet" is due on October 31st.  So, if you'll excuse me... :)

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