Wednesday, October 26, 2011

I'm tired.

Quite honestly, I'm tired.

Tired of working an awful job and coming home only to spend my evenings applying for other jobs.

Tired of coming home drained, anxious, stressed and negative.  Tired of complaining to those gracious enough to listen to me.,,,, I am burnt out.

I have had 2 interviews (and two impromptu "meetings"), two employee referrals.  One job said "I hope to make a decision by the end of October" and the other, "We aren't looking for someone until the beginning of November."

Both are right around the corner.

I wish I could give school my complete and total attention like it deserves, but when I come home I make a beeline for the job applications instead of my homework.  If one day goes by where I don't send out at lease one application, I feel like I've wasted that day.

I feel like I've been trading up for bigger and better things in my life.  That's how life should be.  But somehow, my career is not following suit.  Instead of climbing the corporate ladder, I am continuously falling back down to the bottom rung.

I need to get my career in order.  Career and money are the one facet of my life that I really have had very little control over and that needs to change. This economy is certainly no help, but I really hope something will happen soon to get me on the right track.

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