Monday, December 19, 2011

Another one...

I have yet another job interview tomorrow.

This one isn't the ideal job, but hell the pay is more than adequate.  That shit will be NICE.  Bye-bye, debt.

By the way?  My mom is awesome.  The morning after I posted my last Real*Love entry, I noticed the next day that both the owl and the typewriter had been sold.  I was really bummed and my boyfriend said, "maybe your mom bought them."

I considered this, but the typewriter was about $150 or so.

"Nah, the typewriter is too expensive.  If anything, she would have bought the owl."

And today a package arrived.  I was confused, because all of Shaun's Christmas presents have already shipped.  I was expecting a small kitchen timer from eBay for myself...but would they be silly enough to send it in such a large box?

I shook it.

It didn't feel like a kitchen timer...

Well look who it is! I love him.  :)

I haven't named him yet.  Any ideas?

(She swears she didn't buy the typewriter.  I feel silly for posting it now because someone snapped it up!  *pout*  I hope I can find one just like it...)


Dee said...

Too bad about the typewriter but at least you have the owl back. Oh and good luck on your job search. Merry Christmas.

Alison said...

Thanks Dee! I was super excited about the owl. Hopefully the typewriter and I will cross paths again. There's GOT to be another one out there just like it!

Thanks for the luck, Merry Christmas to you too :)