Monday, December 26, 2011

Bye-bye Christmas...

I'm always sad when Christmas is over.  :(  I was glad when I turned on the radio at 3 AM this morning (yes, that's the ungodly hour that I had to rouse myself and head off to work!) and still heard Christmas music.  (And then later at 11 AM, they were playing some occasional Christmas music.  I guess they know that people like me need to be slowly weaned off of Christmas cheer!)

I spent Christmas Eve-eve at Shaun's and we spread our gift-unwrapping over two days.  I think all my gifts went over pretty well (even though he had guessed what at least three of them were!) and I definitely got basically everything I asked for.

Here's the haul:

  • Storage ottoman (pictured)
  • This American Life Season 1 DVD
  • 30 Rock Season 3 DVD
  • A CD/DVD case
  • A clauddagh ring
  • Yodel Me On My Cell OPI nail polish
  • Starbucks coffee
  • A Gluten-free cookbook
  • Operation board game
Also, I got Leonard Cohen's The Book of Longing from Shaun's mom.

I gave him:
  • Big Lebowski Blu-ray
  • Jackie Brown Blu-ray
  • Goodfellas Blu-ray
  • Writing Fiction for Dummies Beginners book
  • Das Boot (drinking glass shaped like a boot)
  • Sour Patch Kids
  • Wellspring Flip Notepad
  • Keurig "My K-Cup"
  • Ipod charging dock/speakers
I was super pumped to have Operation (I never had it/played it as a kid!) and we played it right away with some spiked egg nog.

Aaaand then I had a massive, scary asthma attack that landed me in the ER.
(The intake girl completely butchered my last name.)

I'm not sure what the deal was, exactly.  I have asthma (and have had it for years now) but it's very, very mild and almost always under control.  I have inhalers at home but almost never use them--and because of this, I never travel with them.  If I ever have an asthma attack, it usually passes very quickly without using any medicine.

But not this night.  I had black coffee, I was using asthmatic breathing matter what I did, eventually I could barely get a breath of air.  It was really scary.

Well, after 2+ hours in the emergency room and three breathing treatments and an aggressive dose of steroids, guess who's carrying her rescue inhaler ALL THE TIME now?  Yep, this girl.

All in all, it was a very nice Christmas...but you know, I (and I'm sure Shaun, too) could have done without the ER!

Hope everyone else had a good Christmas too.  Who's looking forward to New Years?


elenamarija said...

love the storage ottoman. I definitely want one.
post a pic of the claddagh ring!!!

Alison said...

The ottoman is ridiculously handy! It's great.

Here's a link to a ring photo:

elenamarija said...

the ring is gorgeous.
you're definitely wearing it on the wrong hand/finger, though. unless you and the bf arent super serious yet, and then you're wearing it just fine.
i think the way it goes, if you're taken, you're supposed to wear it on your wedding ring finger with the pointy end of the heart facing you, to show that your heart is closed off or something. it's actually really confusing and not being irish, i didnt know what the hell to do with mine. lol. i googled a lot.

elenamarija said...

also, i think i have that nailpolish. sally hansen?
i just bought some yesterday at target for TWO DOLLARS that looks like the same color.

Alison said...

The nail polish is OPI, Yodel Me On My Cell. :)

Yeah, I was going to put the ring on my ring finger, but it was about a size or maybe even a size and a half too big. He offered to send it back and get the right size, but I didn't want to wait--it fits on my middle finger just fine! Plus, I have a ring on the middle finger of my other hand, so now my hands match. :)

Anonymous said...

What supposedly mature person still feels the need to list what they got for Christmas? Grow the hell up.

Alison said...

I love Christmas and I post what I get and give every year. If something offends you, you certainly don't have to read my blog.

elenamarija said...

Hahahahaha, I love when people anonymously hate on other people via the internet. It is oh so mature. And their advice? To grow the hell up? Definitely heeded. Alison, I bet you'll never write whatever you want on your own blog again. How dare you even think that was an okay thing to do.