Tuesday, December 13, 2011

You weren't missing much.

So, I guess I've really not been missing much all those years when I couldn't go to The Nutcracker around the holidays.
As a kid,  I went with my class (maybe fourth or fifth grade?) and we took buses up to The Wang Center in Boston. I remember a girl from a lower grade was in the production, I'm guessing with The Boston Ballet.  I remember enjoying the show...

But my boyfriend and I were pretty bored and disappointed on Sunday.  Maybe I was spoiled as a child--but the dances seemed repetitive and endless in places.  When dancers landed a jump, the timing seemed "off".  There was no orchestra at all, only a CD played over a sound system.  And Clara didn't even dance en pointe.  

I figured all productions of The Nutcracker were more or less the same--and if that's the case, I'm really surprised the show remains popular.  I'm hoping I just saw a poor production or something, but I'm not too sure.

At least next year I'll know to skip the ballet and head straight for Bedford Falls...!

Also--I'm so ready for Christmas you don't even know.  Everything is wrapped and ready to go--and I even fixed a huge Christmas mishap with plenty of time to spare.  I'm feeling pretty confident.  And I won a $50 gift certificate to my local mall spa, so I was able to cross a pedicure off my Christmas wish list.  I hardly ever win things, so it was very exciting for me.

Hope you're all finished braving the crowds and wrapping.  Sit back and relax & have some egg nog!

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Little Mel said...

You would have found the Slutcracker far more entertaining ;)