Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Murphy's Law Day

Holy crap, if there ever was a day that completely embodied Murphy's Law, it was yesterday.

I can't even remember all of the crap that happened, but here were some of the major highlights:

Ever since I started with my company, I've been saving shipping boxes.  This was company orders--I was supposed to stockpile around 100-150 shipping boxes, for when we changed our return system and would be using cardboard boxes instead of plastic return totes.  MOST of the people at my store were aware of this.

Yet yesterday, when I needed a box to do a return, I was startled to find that ALL OF MY BOXES had been thrown out.  Every.Single.Last.One.  Now, these boxes weren't in anyone's way.  They were all broken down to their flattest proportions and slid in between my shelves and a metal support beam.  They were minding their own business.

Seriously?  I didn't painstakingly select the most perfect boxes and break them down for my health!  I needed those!  Ugh.  (The part that really gets me is that stuff like this happens all the time.  No one at the store has any respect for me, my belongings, or any of my work spaces.  I quite frequently leave the store with my work space looking like this:

and return the next day to find this mess:
(NONE of those are mine--they belong to the gaming department, whose shelves are to the right of mine. Every day I walk in to their mess spread all over my shelves.)

At home, my day turned out to be one of those days where every single thing you try to do goes wrong.  I tried to toast some bread, but some residue (soap maybe?) on the bottom of my frying pan filled the house with smoke.  Every single item I picked up, I dropped--including lots of food on the floor.

At the end of the day, due to large amounts of wind, the power in my apartment flickered and went out briefly.  I thought nothing of it, and went to take a shower--only to find that my sump pump was broken (presumably shorted out by the power surge?) and the water was overflowing in my utility closet.

I had had enough by this point.  I texted my landlord to let him know, and texted my boyfriend something along the lines of, "I've had enough of today. I'm going to bed."

But before I did, I washed my face and brushed my teeth--and knocked my glasses off the counter.

Of course, the lens fell out.  And the teeny tiny screw shot off to GOD knows where.  I certainly couldn't find it without my glasses!

(I went to bed after this, thinking that I'd wake up the next morning and have a fresh start.  But when I went out to my car this morning, I realized quickly that I had LEFT MY WINDOW ROLLED DOWN all night long.  During a torrential rain and wind storm.  Of course.  So my car seat and butt have been appropriately soggy for most of the day.)

Today has been much more pleasant.  But the plumber is currently taking my sump pump apart and putting in a new one.  And there is poop all over my floor because of this.  Not happy with that.  >:-(

(I'll spare you a photo of that, though.)

I'm wrapping 2011 with a bow and sending it off.  I'm ready for 2012 to be my year.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Bye-bye Christmas...

I'm always sad when Christmas is over.  :(  I was glad when I turned on the radio at 3 AM this morning (yes, that's the ungodly hour that I had to rouse myself and head off to work!) and still heard Christmas music.  (And then later at 11 AM, they were playing some occasional Christmas music.  I guess they know that people like me need to be slowly weaned off of Christmas cheer!)

I spent Christmas Eve-eve at Shaun's and we spread our gift-unwrapping over two days.  I think all my gifts went over pretty well (even though he had guessed what at least three of them were!) and I definitely got basically everything I asked for.

Here's the haul:

  • Storage ottoman (pictured)
  • This American Life Season 1 DVD
  • 30 Rock Season 3 DVD
  • A CD/DVD case
  • A clauddagh ring
  • Yodel Me On My Cell OPI nail polish
  • Starbucks coffee
  • A Gluten-free cookbook
  • Operation board game
Also, I got Leonard Cohen's The Book of Longing from Shaun's mom.

I gave him:
  • Big Lebowski Blu-ray
  • Jackie Brown Blu-ray
  • Goodfellas Blu-ray
  • Writing Fiction for Dummies Beginners book
  • Das Boot (drinking glass shaped like a boot)
  • Sour Patch Kids
  • Wellspring Flip Notepad
  • Keurig "My K-Cup"
  • Ipod charging dock/speakers
I was super pumped to have Operation (I never had it/played it as a kid!) and we played it right away with some spiked egg nog.

Aaaand then I had a massive, scary asthma attack that landed me in the ER.
(The intake girl completely butchered my last name.)

I'm not sure what the deal was, exactly.  I have asthma (and have had it for years now) but it's very, very mild and almost always under control.  I have inhalers at home but almost never use them--and because of this, I never travel with them.  If I ever have an asthma attack, it usually passes very quickly without using any medicine.

But not this night.  I had black coffee, I was using asthmatic breathing matter what I did, eventually I could barely get a breath of air.  It was really scary.

Well, after 2+ hours in the emergency room and three breathing treatments and an aggressive dose of steroids, guess who's carrying her rescue inhaler ALL THE TIME now?  Yep, this girl.

All in all, it was a very nice Christmas...but you know, I (and I'm sure Shaun, too) could have done without the ER!

Hope everyone else had a good Christmas too.  Who's looking forward to New Years?

Monday, December 19, 2011

Another one...

I have yet another job interview tomorrow.

This one isn't the ideal job, but hell the pay is more than adequate.  That shit will be NICE.  Bye-bye, debt.

By the way?  My mom is awesome.  The morning after I posted my last Real*Love entry, I noticed the next day that both the owl and the typewriter had been sold.  I was really bummed and my boyfriend said, "maybe your mom bought them."

I considered this, but the typewriter was about $150 or so.

"Nah, the typewriter is too expensive.  If anything, she would have bought the owl."

And today a package arrived.  I was confused, because all of Shaun's Christmas presents have already shipped.  I was expecting a small kitchen timer from eBay for myself...but would they be silly enough to send it in such a large box?

I shook it.

It didn't feel like a kitchen timer...

Well look who it is! I love him.  :)

I haven't named him yet.  Any ideas?

(She swears she didn't buy the typewriter.  I feel silly for posting it now because someone snapped it up!  *pout*  I hope I can find one just like it...)

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Real*Love, Etsy edition!

So, the downside of Christmas is that shopping for other people usually gets me in a..well, shopp-y mood.  With the economy what it is at the moment, that's never a good thing.  I try to placate my urge to shop by buying little, practical things that I can consider to be an investment down the road.  (For example, I've stocked up on warm winter leggings and boot socks from Kohl's.)

I'd really like a new winter coat, but I am so endlessly picky that I just can't find one I like enough to commit to.  Looks like it's sweaters for the rest of the season for this girl...

But, without further ado--adorable things I have been lusting over (but will likely not purchase) on Etsy.

I am obsessed with this typewriter.  As a kid, I learned to type on a typewriter and used to sit there for days just banging out short stories.  This one rings my bell far beyond all the other models simply because of its color.  LOOK AT THAT COLOR.  I am so in love.  I keep checking the price to see if it's been reduced.  It's just a little too rich for my blood.  There are other typewriters going for much cheaper, but I feel like this one is really meant to be mine, and I won't be satisfied with one of any other hue.

Okay, okay--except for maybe this hue!  But this one is even MORE expensive (um, five times more expensive?!) and not even an option for me.

I love you, kiss me, I adore you.  Adorable (but unfortunately sold out!) coffee spoons.  They do have similar items now, though.

I already have a gray beanie similar to this one...but damn, I sure do love this image.  I think they should sell the image! (And maybe the girl's dress.  I'd buy that, too.  Super cute!)

I am in the market for a new iPhone case (mine cost $5 at CVS and it shattered the first time it hit the ground! Although I can't exactly knock it--it seems to have kept my iPhone rather safe) but I'm incredibly picky.  It has to be cute, functional, and not too expensive.  This one is pretty cute, although I would prefer one with easy access, like a snap-on case...

If I had a Christmas tree this year, these cute Dr. Who ornaments would, without a doubt, be adorning it!

I have a mighty, gnawing need for a macrame owl.  I could probably afford to buy this little sucker, but I'm holding out hope that my mom might eventually make me one...even though I'm not sure she knows how to.

This is the big one.  Words cannot possibly express how badly I want a writing desk.  I've seen some simpler designs that I like, but a secretary desk such as this one would be hard to beat.  Little compartments for everything!  And I can just fold it up when I'm finished!  And maybe my (future) typewriter would even fit inside...

Well, there you have it.  The current list of things I'm fancying!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

You weren't missing much.

So, I guess I've really not been missing much all those years when I couldn't go to The Nutcracker around the holidays.
As a kid,  I went with my class (maybe fourth or fifth grade?) and we took buses up to The Wang Center in Boston. I remember a girl from a lower grade was in the production, I'm guessing with The Boston Ballet.  I remember enjoying the show...

But my boyfriend and I were pretty bored and disappointed on Sunday.  Maybe I was spoiled as a child--but the dances seemed repetitive and endless in places.  When dancers landed a jump, the timing seemed "off".  There was no orchestra at all, only a CD played over a sound system.  And Clara didn't even dance en pointe.  

I figured all productions of The Nutcracker were more or less the same--and if that's the case, I'm really surprised the show remains popular.  I'm hoping I just saw a poor production or something, but I'm not too sure.

At least next year I'll know to skip the ballet and head straight for Bedford Falls...!

Also--I'm so ready for Christmas you don't even know.  Everything is wrapped and ready to go--and I even fixed a huge Christmas mishap with plenty of time to spare.  I'm feeling pretty confident.  And I won a $50 gift certificate to my local mall spa, so I was able to cross a pedicure off my Christmas wish list.  I hardly ever win things, so it was very exciting for me.

Hope you're all finished braving the crowds and wrapping.  Sit back and relax & have some egg nog!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Holy crap there she is!

I hope this (significantly delayed...) update finds you all well.  As you can all imagine, holiday time is always crazy in the retail world, so I've been pretty busy between work and school and trying to find the perfect presents for the boyfriend... (I think I've done okay--although he keeps shaking the packages and has guessed at what THREE of them are already!  Next time I'm going to wrap up random items to throw him off, or do the much loved box-inside-a-box-inside-a-box...)

I am uber excited for Christmas, as usual.  It's definitely my favorite holiday, and there's always tons of things I want to do.  (I am determined to get to The Real Bedford Falls one year--this is unfortunately not the year!)  I'm a totally sappy Christmas person, and you'd better believe I've been listening to Christmas music since Thanksgiving.  My boyfriend knows this, and knows me pretty well--this gem of an early Christmas gift arrived for me the other day...
It's the She & Him Christmas album, on vinyl.  Exactly what I wanted (and didn't put on my Christmas list!).  It's been in heavy rotation as you can imagine.

My stocking is hung, and next weekend my boyfriend and I are going to see The Nutcracker.  I've been wanting to see The Nutcracker around the holidays for YEARS, and I've always missed out--but this year Groupon popped up with a buy one-get one coupon and I couldn't pass it up.  Two seats for $25? I'll take it!

The only thing left, besides actual Christmas itself, is another viewing of It's A Wonderful Life (one of my top favorite movies) and a trip to Bright Nights!   I tend to wait on Bright Nights until it's actually snowing, although this year I might have to suck it up and go sans snow--it's been unseasonably warm this winter so far.

My college packet is due in 6 days, so don't expect any updates til then!  Catch you all later :)