Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year!

I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and New Year.

I rang in the New Year with Shaun and some of his friends, drinking some champagne that I swear tasted like roses.

Due to the mild winter, this year would have been perfect to brave the streets of New York City for NYE--but I simply didn't plan in advance (not to mention, my job had us open at 6 AM on 1/1--mandatory!) so it didn't come to fruition.  I swear one day I'll get there!

I sat down with a piece of paper to try to draft a New Years Resolution.  I take resolutions very seriously and tend to make them year-round, things like cutting meat, soda, high fructose corn syrup and genetically modified foods from my diet...quitting smoking, stopping the use of a microwave...once I make a resolution, it tends to stick, as well.  I have pretty good willpower.

This year, I came up with a list of around 20 things I wanted to work on.  Here they are:

1. Stop picking my lips.  This is a terrible nervous habit I've developed over the years.  I tend to do it when I'm stressed, but applying lots of lip balm/gloss makes me less likely to do it.
2. Stop spending money. I go all year wanting things, but being able to resist them for the most part.  And then Christmastime rolls around and I cave to temptation.  I'm battling the hell out of this demon right now and drooling over wish lists on Amazon, Etsy & eBay.
3. Exercise.  My mom just gave me Jillian Michael's Power Yoga DVD.  I guess owning the DVD is one step in the right direction...
4.  Get a new job.  This goes without saying.
5. Put most of my tax return towards credit card debt.  I used some credit cards to finance the holiday, but I'm hoping my tax return can clear at least three of my four balances.
6. Be productive every day.  I have a real problem with coming home, sitting down, and then never doing anything constructive.  I've been having energy issues lately (not getting enough protein) but I'm working to solve them, and I need to work on my productivity and motivation, too.
7. Eat less ice cream.  Okay.  So I love ice cream. Sue me.  Maybe I'll switch to frozen yogurt...
8. Write every day.  In the same vein of being productive every day, I want to be able to set a timer and write, uninterrupted, for at least an hour each day.  I don't care if what I write is crap or quality, I just want to write.
9. Take sewing classes.  I actually am halfway there--I have my machine and I signed up for some great discounted classes for beginners!  I think I'll wait until winter is over to use them, though, just so I don't have to worry about snow days.
10. Read more.  I say this every year!
11.  Work on public speaking.  I'm required to address a medium to large group of people weekly at work, so this is definitely helping me find my voice.  I'm also hosting our monthly writing group meeting tomorrow.  So, it's a start!
12.  Submit more work to magazines.  2011 saw a poem of mine get accepted in Big Pulp magazine, which is of course an exciting accomplishment--but I feel like I should have "feelers" out at all times.
13.  Drink more water.  I'm getting there.
14. Keep the apartment clean(er).  The apartment looks pretty good most of the time, but I'm just now taking steps to make it feel like my own--hanging photos, getting a coat rack, moving furniture around, downsizing.
15.  Cook more.  This way I can be certain my food is free of allergens and high fructose corn syrup, etc.
16. Buy more natural foods/products.  It's hard to find really good natural soaps, shampoos, etc.  For now, I've moved on to organic and vegan Lush products, but they still have Sodium Lauryl Sulfate in them, which is not ideal.
17. Do laundry weekly.  Now that I've massively downsized my wardrobe, it's much more important to get in the habit of having a weekly cleaning day.  We'll see how that goes!  Forming new habits can be hard for me.

That's pretty much all I have by way of resolutions!  (Although I'm sure to tack on more as I go--I always do!)


elenamarija said...

okay, i agree with most of your "resolutions," but picking your lips is a favorite pastime of mine. quit hating :)

Alison said...

ahahaha, I was definitely picking my lips AS I READ THAT COMMENT.

So yeah, I haven't been doing so well with THAT part of my resolutions...haha