Wednesday, January 18, 2012

In the off-chance that Miss Fey ever Googles herself...

So, after seeing TONS of people surf into my website after googling "Tina Fey Naked" (or some variation of those words) I discovered that my blog is the THIRD entry that comes up when you type that into Google.

My first thought is, "Oh my God I wonder if Tina googles herself!"

It's possible, right?
Who isn't guilty of a little vanity-search on the web now and again?

I mean, based on the read I got from Tina's personality in Bossypants, I'm fairly certain there are no actual naked pictures of her floating around, so she likely has no cause to be worried and google herself.  BUT.  Maybe she's checking to see if someone photoshopped her head onto someone's nude body.

It could happen.

(Dear Tina:  if you do read this, you're kinda my hero--but I'm not posting naked pictures of you, so no worries there.  Was supposed to meet you in NYC for your Bossypants signing in 2011 but missed it and was devastated but tried to be a big girl about it all.  That's really all I can say without rambling incoherently.  God, I'm even a stupidly nervous fan on my blog.  Probably better I didn't meet you, it might have gone something like this:


Carry on.

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