Saturday, January 7, 2012

A year in review?

I've been trying to come up with a "year in review" blog, but the problem is there are some months where I just can't remember what was blog worthy!  Here's a little mini year in review, just the highlights!

January, February, March:

This was a pretty rough time of year for me, to be honest.  I was pretty miserable and depressed.  Thank God for Christie, Mike and Aaron, though.  They were just my co-workers at first, but we got to be good friends and they helped me through a lot of shit.  We all went on trips (Vermont, Salem & NYC with Mike, NYC with Christie, where we saw The Addams Family & I saw Bright Eyes, to see Shrek with both Christie and Mike, and we all went bowling as a big group) and they would continuously support me when I randomly burst into tears at work.  They're good people, and I definitely miss working with them.

In March, I also received an acceptance letter from Goddard College.


April was a HUGE turning point in my life.  I began the BFA program at Goddard College halfheartedly, still depressed and unsure what the point of everything was--and in a matter of 14 days my life completely turned around.  I met so many 'kindred spirits' as they say, but the biggest thing was meeting a guy (who, of course turned out to be a scumbag, but what can you do?) who changed my perception of myself.  

I returned back to MY apartment (my ex had moved out while I was at school) with the forward momentum that I needed to begin a new chapter of my life.  And when shit fell apart with said scumbag (it turned out he had a girlfriend) instead of leaving me devastated, it left me knowing what I wanted out of life--and knowing that I was worthy of obtaining it.


Without getting too sappy about it--I met Shaun in May, and it was undeniably the most positive thing to happen to me all year.  Finally, a healthy, mature, adult relationship--but not so adult that we can't take naps and play Operation and eat too much ice cream and watch Jersey Shore.  Pretty nice.


My best friend Katie was in town for my birthday this year!  This hardly ever happens.  We had a nice but low-key celebration at a hibachi grill, followed by karaoke at my old stomping ground: me and Shaun, Katie and Bill, and Mary.  I brought my camera but the ONLY photo I took that night was of the onion volcano at the hibachi grill!


In July I finally got my wisdom teeth out.  I was years overdue!  That's me with the wrap-around ice pack they give you.  I had dreaded this experience for years, but the pain wasn't bad at all.  I also switched jobs and attended multiple 4th of July fireworks events, including one where I karaoked Eminem like a boss and got called Joan Jett, which is probably the most awesome nickname I've ever received. 

Shaun & I also went to The Decemberists concert at the end of the month, and it was so nice...mellow, lawn seats...but we could still wander to the front of we wanted.  I had a great time, and I really hope the Decemberists come back again this year!

I also was chosen by my writing group facilitator to take over the group while she was out of town.  It was a big honor that she'd trust me with such a responsibility, and it was a great step considering I want to be a creative writing teacher one day.

August, September, October:

I'm not sure if I did anything at all in August!  But in September I introduced Shaun to the Big E, and hit up the  Town-wide Tag Sale with Mary.  (It's kind of become our yearly tradition, which I love.)  And in October I went back to Goddard where I got an amazing new advisor, gathered the courage to read my work outloud, and bonded with my awesome soulmate-roomie.

November, December:

I think November was the month that I learned I'm being published in Big Pulp, which is of course awesome news.  And December meant Christmas, and lots of fun trips with Shaun, like to Northampton and The Nutcracker and Bright Nights.  And we rang in the new year with some of his friends...which I'd post a photo of, but they haven't posted their photos yet.  Boo!  There's nothing I hate more than waiting for photos.  (Except maybe waiting for photos only to find out that I blinked or have a double chin in them! Ugh!)

Well, that's my tiny year review. Hope you enjoyed it :)  All in all it was a very good year except for a bumpy beginning!

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