Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Don't forget what happened to the man who suddenly got everything he always wanted.

It seems like 2012 is going to be "my year", as they say.

In the past month, thanks in great part to my friend Mike (who is a WIZARD when it comes to doing my taxes) and this new pretty sweet job (which allows me not only to work full-time, but weekly overtime as well) I have...

-cleared most of my credit card debt
-put a decent chunk of money into a savings account for the first time in roughly 4 years
-bought the Macbook Pro I have spent TEN.YEARS lusting after and trying (and failing) to save for.

A little story:  when I was 19 and first wanted an Macbook, I figured the only way to get one was to get an Apple credit card.  So, I applied and was denied due to lack of credit.  Understandable.  I realized credit was something I had to build, so I tried smaller--I got a Target credit  card first, then a Sears card.  (The Sears was a Sears Visa--I hoped maybe my credit limit would be high enough to get a Macbook.  Nope.)

Long story short, I racked up a ton of debt on those two cards, plus an Old Navy card.  I was never approved for an Apple card--but I was approved for a Dell credit card.  Enter my really crappy 2002 Dell Inspirion laptop, which cost $700 on the site, but after all the interest and late fees I accrued over the years, probably ended up costing more like $2,000.

Anyway.  Long story short?  Pay for things in cash.  If you want a Macbook Pro, wait ten years until you get a sweet tax return.

Other good news?  I passed my junior year a week or so ago, and am now an official college senior.  I also finally got the tattoo I've been wanting for a year or so.  (it's in the horrid itchy phase right now.)

Next up?  I'm seeing The Addams Family (the musical) this weekend with my friend Christie.  It's our second time seeing it, this time with the touring company, but I'm still really excited about it!  It was a great show, despite all the bad press it received.

Besides the continued bill paying and getting caught up on any financial things that have fallen to the wayside, I plan on improving my organizational skills, forming better habits and minimizing things around the house even more.  And hopefully pretty soon I'll be able to take some financial-worry-free weekend trips with Shaun.  I'm dying to go back to NYC!  It's been too long.

Hope you are all doing well also, and that tax time was good to you.  I know many people owe this year, even those who claimed zero.  I can't imagine how terrible it is to expect a decent return and instead be told you need to give up some of your own money!  I was definitely fortunate to be spared that.


Silver said...

I hope 2012 is your year !
Seems like you could use a break a break :)
Also your tattoo is beautiful !

Wishing you well

Alison said...

Thanks Silver! It's true, 2011 was a really rough year for me, especially financially. Things do seem to be looking up, though! I certainly hope it stays that way. And hope it's a good year for you too!

Little Mel said...

I am right there with you with 2012 being "my year" :)