Saturday, February 4, 2012


It makes me angry when people assume that just because something has worked for them, that it will work for everyone.

A friend of mine recently posted a blog that implied pretty much anyone could obtain a job in 14 days--and if they didn't, they simply weren't doing things right.  Now, I'd be all for this if it was titled something like "How I Found a Job in 14 Days", but it's not.  It's a how-to.

I first read this article because I was curious.  Really? 14 days?  You mean I was doing something wrong these past six months?  I looked forward to the pointers he had to offer, but finished the article feeling unimpressed and insulted.

"Submitting resumes online is not job hunting" was one of the first pieces of advice.  If I followed this advice, I not only wouldn't have gotten my last three jobs--I wouldn't know where to even begin looking for jobs.  Of course, his advice is to "go in and speak to a manager", which might work just find in a city setting, but aside from the center of town (which has roughly 10 businesses that are either not hiring or I'm not qualified to work for), there are no businesses near me.  I NEED online job searches in order to find places that are hidden just off the beaten path, as I'm not terribly familiar with my rural area that consists of mostly houses and farms.

Also, out of the managers I've spoken with, most are too busy to give you the time of day.  They'll either say, "Fill out an application online" or, "We aren't hiring right now, but we're always accepting applications."  (This is retail code for: sure, apply, but by the time we're actually hiring we'll have lost/thrown out your application.)

What's that? You don't think retail establishments throw away applications?  I can't tell you all the times I've personally crumpled applications just seconds after receiving them. 'we're always accepting applications' means 'don't waste your time'.

When I tried to explain to this person that I was happy for him, but he was fortunate he had the luck to get a job in 14 days and this was the exception rather than the rule, he told me luck has nothing to do with it, it was simple preparedness and opportunity (one could argue that "opportunity" IS "luck", at least I think it is!), and that I should keep my eye on the goal or face the consequences and stop making excuses for my failures.

I find it hard to believe that someone who found a job in 14 days really grasps what the economy is like out there.  In the past six months I've applied for between 5-10 jobs a DAY (that's 1,800 jobs! But let's be generous and say I took a weekend off here or there, or maybe couldn't find 10 jobs every night--still, it is a huge amount of jobs, at least a thousand.) and you know how many interviews I was called for?  TWELVE. (Actually, I was only "called" for ten--I stormed in and secured interviews twice.)

I was also called for two interviews, one with an insurance company and one for a book store, but when I returned their calls (two to three times) they never got back to me.

Out of these twelve interviews, I was offered ONE position--the one I accepted.

And don't get me wrong, I am extremely hireable and a good candidate for many positions. (This is not simply my personal opinion--I have been told this by hiring agencies who absolutely salivated over my skills and resume.)

If it took me six months to find a job, it's just insulting to claim anyone can find a job in 14 days.  It's brutal out there.  Don't tell me luck or good fortune has nothing to do with it!


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