Saturday, March 31, 2012

My Mercury is in retrograde!

I'm definitely ready for Mercury to come out of retrograde.

When it's in retrograde, it means problems with communication (increased fighting and arguments, etc).  It means you shouldn't enter a new project, sign any papers or begin any new friendships.  It means you shouldn't make any large purchases (especially things with moving parts) and if you absolutely HAVE TO, you need to carefully read the fine print.

So far during this cycle, I have gotten two flat tires due to a nail and a screw, which I presumably picked up in my parking lot at home.
I've gotten very sick, then quickly recovered, only to get a little sick/run-down again.
I've made little purchases.

It's recommended to use the time Mercury is in retrograde to purge and let go of things.  Luckily, this coincided with me being bit by the spring cleaning bug!  I've purged TONS of my stuff--including my hair.

And this is where communication problems comes into play.

I don't want to say bad things about my salon, as I love the girls there and have had wonderful experiences my past 3 visits.  But this fourth one was less than ideal.  Everything seemed to be going well, but then my stylist "ran out of time" (her next client was waiting in the waiting room) and had to rush me out.  Despite the fact that I ALWAYS blow-dry and straighten my hair (& that this is included in the cost I paid), she threw some curling cream in my hair and had me walk out with it curly and wet.

I was horrified at first.  I'm not used to curly hair, so I thought it looked AWFUL, but I couldn't be sure since it was curly! I couldn't see the actual cut itself.  I had to wander around shopping for a few hours all the while hating my hair, before I went home and straightened it.  
My final verdict is that while I like the front of the haircut, the back is a shitshow.  It looks limp and unfinished, not like I just got my haircut at all.  It should look polished.
I wore that hat ALL DAY at work today.  When I took it off briefly to show some coworkers, they asked, "Did you cut the back yourself?"
After I explained that I had to get the back fixed, they grimaced and said, "Leave the hat on." least people don't sugar coat things for me, I guess!

I do hate when people say firmly, "I liked your long hair."

That's kind of like loving someone else's baby.  Someone else's baby who you hand back to the mother as soon as it cries.
That's just peachy.  You didn't have to take care of it.

I have another appointment this week to "fix" my hair.  (Ugh, why is my salon so far away from my house?! I need to move.) I'm hoping the back is still long enough to give some shape and structure to!

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elenamarija said...

I hope they're fixing it for free.
Sorry you don't like it.
But it'll grow!!! (I know everyone says that, but this is coming from one girl with a horrific haircut to another.)
Also, try Mane and Tail shampoo. Online reviews swear it works. I use it once a week, let's hope it miraculously causes hair growth!!!