Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The spring cleaning continues.

Today I was happy to get rid of the ugly milk crate/cardboard box organizing system I had been using for my records.

As you probably know, it's important to store records upright, which can be difficult at times.  I was thrilled to pick up this great record storage shelf from Urban Outfitters.  It holds my record player and a decent number of records (which is good--it will let me keep my collection in check! No vinyl hoarding here!) and even has a smaller shelf where I'm temporarily keeping a few DVDs and some printer paper.  The spots for the records are slotted to keep them standing up straight.

I'm pretty much in love with it right now.  Have you ever bought something new that you just can't stop looking at?  Yep, that's me with this.

(If you love it just as much as I do, it's still available at Urban Outfitters online.  They have a couple different record stands/tables, but I liked this one the best because I could keep my record player right on top.  :) )

And no, Urban Outfitters didn't pay me to write this.  I'm just that smitten!  You would be too.

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