Sunday, April 22, 2012

College, Paris...?

I apologize for being M.I.A these days, folks.  It's one thing after another over here.  (That makes me sound stressed yet important, doesn't it?  In all actuality, as I said before, I sliced my finger open because I am AWESOME.  And then I went away to school for almost two weeks, where I don't have a second to think, let alone update a blog.  But all's well and I'm home now!)

So starting Monday, I begin my SENIOR year.  I'm really there!  Just two more semesters (and then a brief return the semester after that to present my senior project and get my diploma) and I'll be done.  I can do this.  It's a TON of work (this semester alone I have to complete my math and science requirements, hone a critical essay until it's deemed acceptable by a review board, complete my Writer in the World essay and my Critical Context paper, AND complete my novel--if I can!) but I think if I really, really focus (and do nothing else at all for the next year) I can do it.

Speaking of Doing Nothing Else For The Next Year...I'm thinking of going to Paris in November.  I've never been out of the country (except for Canada, which hardly counts) and it's about damn time I go.  My boyfriend is down with the idea, although he's less interested in Paris.  I might be persuaded to give up Paris and go to Italy instead...provided we go to Pompeii and Herculaneum.  That's been a dream of mine since middle school.

We'll see, though.  I've started putting some money aside and it certainly would be nice to go on a trip--a proper trip.  I've been googling cheap travel tips like mad.  I'll be sure to keep you posted and share my travel advice!


elenamarija said...

Italy is meh. I went in high school. I've talked to people who have been to both Italy and Paris, and they ALL say Paris is the place they want to go back to again and again. Go Paris!!!

Alison said...

lol, I think Paris is more of a girl thing. My boyfriend asked his friend (who travels EVERYWHERE with his wife) and they said Paris was really boring.

We were thinking of doing a short tour of Europe: Ireland, England, Italy, France...but who knows if we can afford all that! It would definitely make my life to see Pompeii and Herculaneum, though. I took Italian for years in school and I think I'd be excited to see all the architecture that I've read about. But who knows?