Friday, June 22, 2012

Pintrest Attempt: Halter Top!

It really makes me mad how little guys have to spend in order to maintain their appearances.

Shave, shower.  Shirt, pants, underwear, socks, deodorant.  Brush teeth.  Floss teeth.

Girls? Please.

Shave legs with electric razor.  Shave underarms with Venus razor.  Wax eyebrows.  Pluck any offending facial hairs.
Shower.  Exfoliate.  Wash.  Hair mask.  Skin Mask.  Pore strips.  Leave-in conditioner.  Anti-frizz serum. Blowdry.  Straighten.
Manicure.  Pedicure.
Bra, camisole, cardigan.  Panties.  Jeans.  Skirt.  Dress. Nylons.  Boots.  Heels.
(Have you looked at the price of a good bra lately?  A GOOD one?)
Deodorant.  Perfume.  Makeup.
Brush, floss, whiten.

Okay.  As if being a girl isn't hard enough, I was browsing JcPenny with the boyf the other day and noticed that the guys graphic tees there cost FIVE. DOLLARS.

I can't even buy a thong made of the equivalent of dental floss for $5.
I can't even buy a crappy, I-will-fall-apart-after-two-washes shirt from the Charlotte Russe clearance section for $5!


But, I kinda liked the design on the shirt.  And I remembered seeing a Pintrest about a DIY racerback tank top, (above photo) so I figured I'd pick up the shirt and give it a try.

I did it super fast and I think I might tweak it a bit, make the straps a bit thinner perhaps and make the back more of an X shape rather than the T I have going...but it's a big improvement and I like where this is going!

I also need to get rid of that damn scannable barcode on the shirt.  Really, Funny or Die?  I mean, I get that you're trying to advertise and everything, but I don't want people coming up and scanning me.  Ridiculous.

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elenamarija said...

Wicked cute and you look so pretty in that picture.