Friday, June 29, 2012

Pintrest Attempt: Miracle Bathtub Cleaner!

So, as a girl with hair that is pretty thick (and at one point, was also very long) I often find myself with backed up shower drains.

I'm told this is also quite a common occurrence among people living in buildings with shared plumbing--drains can usually be quite "slow", so you can imagine how bad it can be when you combine both factors.

Lately, my drain had been a little out of control.  We're talking, shower-super-fast-because-you're-afraid-the-tub-will-overflow kind of thing.  Luckily, it was nothing a massive dose of the highest strength Draino couldn't fix.

But due to the slow drain, my tub was left pretty gross looking.  All that dirty water, when it drains slowly, leaves all kinds of grimy residue on your tub.  (I will spare you the photos!)  I tried the usual scouring powders and after-shower sprays, but it just wasn't cutting it.

Enter Pintrest.

I love this girl over at Finely Ground, and her post about her forays into finding a natural tub cleaner that works.  I'm all about natural products whenever possible.

Seriously though, guys, Borax turns out to be the best tub cleaner EVER.  I was armed with all kinds of additional products that I didn't even USE--I just filled my tub with water and drained it so the walls would be wet, and then sprinkled some Borax all over and started scrubbing.  I barely had to use any elbow grease, and the stubborn dirt came right up!  You know how newer tubs have the textured, non-slip bottoms that really just hold on to grime? It was no match for Borax!

I will sing it's praises to anyone who will listen.  Go out and get yourself some right now!  You're welcome!

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elenamarija said...

You know what I do? It sounds gross but I never have a clogged drain.

My hair falls out A LOT in the shower. Partly because I have a thyroid condition, partly because you're supposed to lose upwards of 100 strands a day. But anyway, I just gather it up as it falls out and put it on the wall of the shower. Then when I'm done, I wipe it up with a paper towel and throw it in the trash. Never clogs the drain :)