Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Pintrest Attempt: Pickles!

In case you didn't know already, I'm a pickle fanatic.


I have been known to eat an entire jar of pickles in a week, and that's when I try to exercise willpower.  In reality, I could easily polish off a jar in one sitting.   I love 'em.

But it's a little annoying how they're sold.  I've discovered that the big brands (Vlasic) are better than store-brand, as store-brand can be a bit mushy.  The real problem I've run into, besides price ($3.99 a jar! yikes.) is that they ALL either have Corn Syrup in them, or some variant of artificial sweetener that has been proven to cause cancer.

No. Thank. You.

So I was excited when I stumbled upon this pin, how to make your own pickles at home.

I didn't expect to use it for a good long while, but when my boyfriend and I were browsing at The Christmas Tree Shops two weekends ago, we found Ball mason jars.

I was excited.  I'd been looking all over for Ball jars--they're super handy for all kinds of things: food storage, drinking glasses, storing odds and ends, as a flower vase...but I thought eBay was my only hope for finding any, and those were vintage and pricey.

As I was excitedly filling my hands with Ball jars and envisioning sipping an icy drink out of one, Shaun said, "Have you ever made your own pickles?"

I think I instantly was like, "No! But I have a recipe! Do you want to?" and pulled the pin up on my Pintrest app.  And for the rest of the day, all I could think about were pickles.  When we got back to his house, we set to work.  After no time at all, we had a pretty jar filled with almost-pickles.

They recommended letting them sit for a week, and a girl at work who has pickled before said that the longer you let them sit, the better they taste. We let them sit for exactly a week before trying them, and they were pretty good!  Definitely pickle-y, (they also shrunk majorly so they only filled about half the jar, and they were floating) but not much like the Dill or Bread and Butter variety you'd buy at the supermarket.

 It was a super easy recipe (just cucumbers, hot water, salt, sugar and rice vinegar) and I'd definitely do it again, but maybe try adding some herbs and spices for varying flavors.


elenamarija said...

Ahhh so jeally that you made pickles. I might have to try it.

So they don't taste like dill or bread and butter? What do they taste like then?

Alison said...

They taste...well, like cucumbers in a vinegar/salt/sugar mixture, I guess! It's hard to describe.

I did see some Bread and Butter and Dill seasoning with the Ball mason jars in my supermarket, though, so maybe I'll make some Bread and Butter (my absolute favorite) next!