Friday, June 8, 2012

Pintrest Attempt: Sassy Water!

So, even though I have a lengthy to-do list that has to be completed by Saturday, here I am sharing my Pintrest pins with you.

Now, when Molly over at These Little Moments  started using Pintrest, I believe she made some kind of blog where she pretty much said, "I'm pinning these things, why not DO them?"  so she started a blog installment called "I Pinned It, So I Did It!"  (You should totally go check her out, she's pretty awesome actually.)

But I see the point--Pintrest is great and fun, but you should be DOING the things you're pinning.  At least a few!

My first Pintrest attempt was this "Sassy Water".  It's touted as aiding in weight loss and it seemed easy enough, so I was eager to try it.

I didn't have all the ingredients and my supermarket is super lame and didn't carry whole ginger or mint, so I half-assed it and only ended up putting lemon and cucumber in my water.  The resulting taste is very refreshing, and that it is easier to drink than regular water (for those of us who crave a bit of flavor) without having chemicals and added sugars.

As I said, it claims to aid in weight loss.  I can't really speak on this because A) I don't own a scale and B) I've only been drinking it for a little over a week, but all in all, if you drink more water, it will aid in weight loss, so I suppose logically it works.   I am certainly enjoying it so far, and when I drink all the water I fill it up again--so you get multiple uses from the lemon/cucumbers.

So, go forth and give Sassy Water a try, if you so desire.  It's a good refreshing summer drink.

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