Friday, August 24, 2012

"I killed someone's only love."

Not all, but SOME birds mate for life.
ALL birds experience mourning, much like humans.

This photo breaks my heart, even more so now that I'm fairly certain I killed a bird with my car this morning.

It wasn't my fault.  Okay, no, it's my fault in the same way that animals were here first and we come bustling in with these skyscrapers and SUVs and styrofoam containers and generally just trashed their planet.

But I was pretty much minding my own business, driving to work, when a flock of low-flying birds passed in front of me (and another car, traveling the opposite way).  I remember thinking, "Birds are so crazy.  How is it they fly so low but never get hit?  That was a close call."

And the next thing I know, a see a lone bird taking off from the left.  Low-flying, much lower than the others.  Much slower than the others.  I imagined him saying, "Hey guys! Wait up!"

The next thing I hear is THUNK.

It happened quite literally in the blink of an eye, and I shuddered and immediately said "NO, NO, NO!" and looked for him on the road behind me.  He wasn't there.  (Do you like how I've given this bird a gender?  He's a dude. For some reason, I know this.)

And then I remembered that birds (hopefully not THIS breed of bird) mate for life.  And I thought...

I have killed someone's one and only love.


And I cried.

(My mother assured me he was probably fine.  Elena-Marija  pointed out that I didn't know for certain that it was dead.  A girl at work mused, "Maybe it was a widow."  But I still feel badly.  I am nothing if not a ridiculous softie.)

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